This Week in Links: 11.9.15

Welcome to This Week In Links. This series is a place for us to share articles that our fellows and staff are reading to deepen their understanding of the context of their work. By linking to these stories, we are not necessarily endorsing the positions, but sharing interesting material for discussion and reflection. We invite you to share, comment, and discuss these stories, and also to share your top links from the past week!

The Closest Look Yet at Gentrification and Displacement

The Rigging of the American Market

The 1 Percent’s Earnings Could Be Stagnating — At $671,000

America’s High-Earning Poor: There can be a big difference between income and assets.
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A Day in the Life: Abby Rubin on Moishe House and Being a Detroit Fellow

Curious what it means to be a Repair the World fellow? Here’s former Detroit fellow (and current partner at Detroit Moishe House), Abby Rubin’s take in an interview conducted by Andrew Weiner.

Tell me a little about yourself?
So my name is Abby Rubin. I grew up in Cleveland. I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2013 with a degree in Organizational Studies, which means I learned how to make organizations run more efficiently and effectively, and just generally make them better. I was a Repair the World fellow last year doing education justice and fell in love with after-school programming,and the city of Detroit. Now I live in Midtown in the Detroit City Moishe House and work for Arts and Scraps, which is an amazing art and science education non-profit and I sell bracelets on Etsy!
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Apply for a Repair the World Alternative Break Micro Grant by Nov 2!

We believe that Alternative Break programs offer an unparalleled opportunity for immersive service that builds community and leadership while making a difference. So we have found a way to help dedicated people and groups make them happen!

Repair the World is offering micro-grants to support new and long-standing Alternative Break experiences for North American young adults. Micro-grant award amounts will range from $1,000-$5,000 and will vary depending on the number of program participants, program location, emphasis on post-program engagement and other factors.

Think your Alternative Break program fits the bill? Apply by November 2 and you might just have the best break ever!*

Find out more about the many ways Repair the World fosters high quality Alternative Break programs (and how you can get involved!) here.

*Please note that these micro grants are applicable to non-Hillel related programs. Hillel campuses can apply for separate funding, and should apply directly through Hillel International.