Meet David Katznelson #AmplifyVoices

David Katznelson

Meet David Katznelson.

David Katznelson is a Grammy-nominated music producer and a director at the Jewish Community Federation. He spent a decade at Warner Brothers and another operating Birdman Records, focusing a big part on the San Francisco underground music scene and reissue projects. He co-founded the San Francisco Appreciation Society as well as the Idelsohn Society.

We connected David with the amazing Mike De La Rocha (@mrmikedelarocha), in a conversation about social change and the power of music.

Learn more about David on his Twitter @oakiedog, and look out for the powerful #AmplifyVoices interview between David and Mike tomorrow!

In the #AmplifyVoices campaign, we are pairing leaders in the Jewish community in conversation with activists for racial and social justice to further discussions on equality and social good, and to invite our audience to take action through volunteerism. Learn more >>


This January, Repair the World is asking you to join us in our #AmplifyVoices campaign to Act for Racial Justice.

In this campaign, we are pairing leaders in the Jewish community in conversation with activists for racial justice to further the discussion on racial equality and invite our audience to take action through volunteerism.

Our interviewers have each come up with 5 questions to ask our interviewees, to inspire service and to become active participants in creating solutions for issues we face today.

We hope to #AmplifyVoices loud enough to incite action, and open hearts and minds.

Join the conversation at:

We’re hoping to stir a healthy conversation around social justice and your voice is important.

The first #AmplifyVoices interviews are here! Click through the list below to learn more about these outstanding leaders and activists.

David Katznelson & Mike de la Rocha

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Jill Jacobs & Carmen Perez: The #AmplifyVoices Interview

#8Nights of Hanukkah Service: Give Unexpectedly

Join Repair the World in celebrating the #8Nights of Hanukkah service as we dedicate the Festival of Lights to helping others. Each day we will suggest a service project, donation opportunity, or other way to spread tikkun olam and get involved for the holiday. After all, Hanukkah is a holiday of miracles – why not make some? Tonight: Give unexpectedly.

We’ve all got long holiday shopping lists. There’s mom and dad, bubbe and little sis. Add on best friends, teachers, and your significant other and that’s a lot of Hanukkah prezzies to coordinate.

But this year, we invite you to think about your Hanukkah gift list a little more broadly. There are so many people who make a huge difference in our daily lives in little ways. There’s the barista who always remembers your order. There’s the UPS driver who walks your packages up to your door, and the blogger you’ve never met who writes something that makes you cry tears of relief/recognition/happiness.

There’s the teacher you had in 5th grade who’s voice and wisdom you still hear in your head all these years later. There’s the nurse at your doctor’s office who comforted you at your last appointment, and the guy in the subway who makes your commute better by playing his fiddle.

Whatever and whoever these people are, our interactions with them make our days a little brighter. And these moments of tiny, quiet kindness bring light into our year the way the Hanukkah menorah brings light to our homes.. So this year, be ready to surprise them with a Hanukkah gift when they least expect it.

There are a million ways to achieve this goal, but here’s one idea: Make up a bunch of cards (MOO lets you make super stylish ones – or just print out something simple out on your computer) with an image you love on one side and the words “Thanks for making my day brighter. Happy Holidays” on the other. Carry a handful of them around in your bag along with some chocolates. Whenever you have an encounter with someone kind, hand over a card and a chocolate along with a smile.

You’ll make their day – and their holiday – as much as they make yours.

Keep your eyes peeled for each service gift idea – and this Hanukkah, let your spirit for volunteering last for eight days and nights!