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Our Work

Communities in Detroit are doing remarkable work to build a vibrant 21st century future after a 20th century in which the city boomed an busted at an extraordinary scale. Detroiters have seen it all — the Arsensal of Democracy, Arson City, Devil’s Night, Angel’s Night, schools that have produced Nobel Laureates and dropouts, and neighborhoods that are, at once, food deserts and the vanguard of urban agriculture. Repair the World has an amazing network of partner organizations and volunteers that come from throughout the city, region and beyond to invest their energy in Detroit.


                • Alyah Al-Azem

                  Repair the World Detroit Team Leader

                • Alyah Al-Azem

                  Repair the World Detroit Team Leader
                  Alyah is a graduate of Michigan State University, where she studied Sociology, specializing in Peace & Justice. As a volunteer for Destination Detroit, Alyah visited different non-profit sites throughout Detroit and learned about the city’s capacity to rebuild. She spent the past year serving as a food justice fellow and is excited to continue serving in Detroit with her service partners.
                • Aaron Appel

                  Repair the World Detroit Fellow

                • Aaron Appel

                  Repair the World Detroit Fellow
                  Since graduating from Oberlin College in January 2016, Aaron has been serving as the Resource and Outreach Coordinator and Accountant for Auntie Na's House - a grassroots community center on the West Side of Detroit. Aaron joined the Repair the World fellowship because he believes that direct service increases proximity to issues of oppression and inequality, which prompts resource sharing and capacity building to fight for justice. Last fall, Aaron sang karaoke in the city of Oberlin nearly every week of the semester.
                • Ellie Farber

                  Repair the World Detroit Fellow

                • Ellie Farber

                  Repair the World Detroit Fellow
                  Ellie worked as a journalism intern at a multimedia news company in Tel Aviv, where she interviewed people on a range of topics. She is excited to be in a similarly “hands-on” environment as a Repair the World fellow this year. As a student at University of Michigan, she studied both Jewish Studies and International Studies. And, she’s a music buff - she’s seen Bruce Springsteen 23 times (and counting)!
                • Aryeh Perlman

                  Repair the World Detroit Fellow

                • Aryeh Perlman

                  Repair the World Detroit Fellow
                  Aryeh chose to serve as a Repair the World fellow because he wants to inspire people to respect the environment and be passionate about food justice. Aryeh graduated from the University of Michigan, where he studied French and Digital Studies. He worked as a staffer at Camp Michigania’s nature center for three summers, creating a vermicomposting system and promoting knowledge of native plants.
                • Ari Weil

                  Repair the World Detroit Fellow

                • Ari Weil

                  Repair the World Detroit Fellow
                  Ari studied Psychology & Environment at the University of Michigan. He worked at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens as an Education and Trails Intern and led children's programs, created educational materials, and maintained the gardens around a trail. Ari loves to play the guitar and is excited to partner with the community to make Detroit become more sustainable, healthy, and happy!