Known as the City of Brotherly Love, Philly is a strong participant in the Cities of Service Initiative, has a Chief Service Officer, and is home to a wealth of volunteer, religious and community organizations.  With that much dedication to service, no need for us to clang the Liberty Bell or hand out free cheesesteaks to recruit volunteers.  Instead, Repair Communities is going to follow a “Rocky Balboa” style strategy, where our City Director will simply follow Rocky’s epic run through Philadelphia, surely inspiring hundreds of new Repair the World volunteers to join (and sing “Gonna Fly Now” right on cue).

Like all major metropolitan areas, Philadelphia faces many economic and social challenges, the brunt of which has been devastating cuts to the educational system. With dozens of public schools closing in 2013, there is incredible need for passionate volunteers to make a difference in lives of young people.  We’ll also be focusing on homelessness, food access and refugee resettlement.

Repair the World Communities collaborates with local nonprofits and organizations in Philadelphia to mobilize people to act on issues of systemic inequality, focused on promoting food justice and education justice.

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