Here at Repair the World November is Gratitude Month – a month dedicated to giving thanks for everything we are grateful for. And this week is also Hanukkah! To celebrate, Repair the World presents 8 Nights of Giving Thanks: tips and thoughts for filling the Festival of Lights with gratitude.

Like everything, cultivating a sense of gratitude – feeling grateful for the good things in your life, and expressing that gratefulness to others – doesn’t always come naturally. It can take practice. Fortunately, there are a ton of useful apps and websites out there that make feeling and sharing gratitude simple and fun. From gratitude journal apps to apps that let you send a treat to friends as a way of saying thanks, here are some of our faves:

ThankfulFor This website lets people post their feelings of gratitude publicly or set up a gratitude journal.

Gratitude 365 Keep a gratitude journal with this easy-to-use app, and never lose track of the things that make you feel grateful.

Gratitude Stream Let friends and family instantly know what you’re feeling grateful for with this app.

Treater This Smartphone app lets people send gifts to friends – a great way to say “thanks!”

Red Stamp This app lets people send personalized cards via mail, email, text, or social media. Why not send one to say “thank you?”

How do you use technology to help cultivate gratitude in your daily life? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us at @repairtheworld.