Here at Repair the World November is Gratitude Month – a month dedicated to giving thanks for everything we are grateful for. And this week it’s also Hanukkah! To celebrate, Repair the World presents 8 Nights of Giving Thanks: tips and thoughts for filling the Festival of Lights with gratitude.

On our sixth night of gratitude, it’s time for a check in. How’s it been going for you? Have you tapped into the magical realm of feeling truly grateful and expressing those feelings with others? Or, maybe not so much?

If you are struggling to stay motivated in your gratitude, a visual reminder can help. Find a quote, or a photograph, or an object that helps you tap into your reserves of gratitude and keep it in your line of sight. Whenever you need a little reminder that life has so many things to be grateful for, just take a look. You can even wear your gratitude on your sleeve.