Welcome to Repair the World’s 8 Nights of Sandy Service: volunteer projects, donation opportunities and tikkun olam ideas for the week of Hanukkah to help the individuals and communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Keep track of all 8 nights here.

One of the many unexpected consequences of Hurricane Sandy included the cancellation of blood drives across the tri-state area. The American Red Cross estimated that over 300 blood donation drives were postponed or cancelled in the days and weeks after the hurricane. And yet patients’ need for blood in hospitals across the country continued, despite the storm.

Help make up for lost time by scheduling a blood donation today. Anyone over the age of 17 (or 16 with parental permission) who meets the physical requirements (typically over 110 pounds and generally healthy), is eligible to make a donation. To find a blood donation center or upcoming drive near you, check out: The Red Cross for national resources or the New York Blood Center, for tri-state specific resources. You can also register to donate bone marrow via Gift of Life.

You can also take your service a step further by encouraging your school, work, synagogue or community center, to host it’s own blood drive. Find all the details you need to get your drive registered, staffed, and well-attended here (or here if you live in New York City). Then get your friends (and their friends, and their friends of friends!) out to make a donation that could save a life.

How are you spreading good health and good cheer this Hanukkah? Let us know by tweeting @repairtheworld and tagging #8Sandynights.