Hanukkah is almost here. That means, it’s time for latkes (and all other types of delicious oily food), spinning dreidels and SERVICE! That’s where Repair the World’s Eight Nights of Sandy Service comes in.

Last year, we launched our “Eight Nights of Service” series, which suggested an awesome volunteer project, donation opportunity or other way to spread tikkun olam (repairing the world) and get involved during the holiday – one for each night. Hanukkah is about miracles, after all, so what better way to celebrate than by doing good? (And eating doughnuts, of course.)

This year, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which devastated many communities throughout the tri-state area and beyond, we’re dedicating our Hanukkah series to ways you can spread both short and longer-term relief to the impacted people and neighborhoods, and shine Hanukkah’s light into the darkness left by the storm.

Starting Sunday, Dec 9 keep your eyes peeled for each Sandy-related service idea – and this Hanukkah, let your spirit for helping other last for eight days and nights!


Night 1! Join Repair the World in Making Literacy Kits
Night 2! Donate your Apartment through AirBnB
Night 3! Give Gifts that Support Victims
Night 4! 12.12.12 The Concert for Sandy Relief
Night 5! Schedule a Blood Donation Appointment
Night 6! Listen to Matisyahu’s Hanukkah Song
Night 7! Help New Jersey Recover
Night 8! Support 350.org’s Climate Change Work

What miracles will YOU make this year? Tweet us @repairtheworld #8Sandynights.