Join Repair the World in celebrating the #8Nights of Hanukkah service as we dedicate the Festival of Lights to helping others. Each day we will suggest a service project, donation opportunity, or other way to spread tikkun olam and get involved for the holiday. After all, Hanukkah is a holiday of miracles – why not make some? In this post: A strong finish for the #8Nights.

We’ve reached the final stretch of our #8Nights of Hanukkah Service. Over the weekend, the last candles will be added to the menorah, culminating in a gorgeous glow of radiating light. With the holiday nearing it’s end, that means there’s only a few more days to get your latke fry on, and a few more opportunities to spin the dreidel, exchange gelt with friends, and don your ugly Hanukkah sweater. There are also just a few more chances to infuse your holiday with service and extra meaning – so let’s finish up the #8Nights on a high note.

For nights six, seven, and eight, now’s your chance to shine the spotlight on your community, your country, and the world. Spend a few minutes as you light the candles to think about the issues that you hold most dear – locally and globally. If you’ve got friends and family around, engage them in the conversation too.

Together, make a pledge to make one tangible difference on each of these issues before next Hanukkah. Write down your intentions and stick them up on a bulletin board or on the fridge as a daily reminder.

This time next year, who knows what a difference you’ll have made. Happy Hanukkah!

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