Join Repair the World in celebrating the #8Nights of Hanukkah service as we dedicate the Festival of Lights to helping others. Each day we will suggest a service project, donation opportunity, or other way to spread tikkun olam and get involved for the holiday. After all, Hanukkah is a holiday of miracles – why not make some? Tonight: give instead of get.

As a wise Jewish man named Adam Sandler once said, Hanukkah rules because instead of one day of presents we get “8 crazy nights!” He’s got a point – eight nights means eight opportunities to celebrate. But it also means eight opportunities to make a difference. This Hanukkah, switch your focus from “getting” to “giving” for one (or more!) of the holiday’s nights. Here are some ways to give back:

Crowdfund Repair the World. We just launched our first-ever crowdfunding campaign on #GivingTuesday and we are so thankful for your support. Help us reach our goal and expand our Fellowship program in amazing ways in 2016.

Donate to Masbia. This New York City-based kosher soup kitchen serves anyone and everyone in need – with dignity! Instead of the standard soup kitchen model, Masbia is run just like a restaurant, minus the check. Help them feed as many people as possible in the coming year.

Mentor a student at 826. Have a knack for writing and a love of teaching (and learning from) young people? Volunteer at 826, an innovative writing and tutoring center with 7 chapters across the country.

Keep your eyes peeled for each service gift idea – and this Hanukkah, let your spirit for volunteering last for eight days and nights!