Curious what it means to be a part of the Repair the World community? Here, the Director of Repair the World: Pittsburgh,Zack Block, shares the highlights of a recent Alternative Break program that Repair the World Fellows ran with University of Pittsburgh and Ohio Wesleyan University students.

Tell us more about what you did during the Alternative Breaks?
We had two overlapping breaks with the University of Pittsburgh and Ohio Wesleyan University. They were each involved in separate after school programs. They went through an anti-oppression training as well as a history of East Liberty learning. The OWU group participated in J-Serve as well and attended an alumni event. The Pitt group worked with Grow Pittsburgh and both groups had a day doing demo work at a house with Open Hand Ministries.

What did you find most inspiring about the experience?
I think that each group found the demo work with OHM to be the most inspiring. The work was being done for a potential first time home owner and OHM not only does the manual labor with the house but it also works with the potential owner to build their credit score and obtain the financing and anything else to help its constituents in this process.

Do you have any thoughts to share about the value of Alternative Breaks as a whole?
I think that a lot of the participants felt like this work was incredibly meaningful to them and we tried to only do work that our partners needed and was authentic to them carrying out their missions. The time of year makes things interesting from a logistical standpoint and I think that those challenges helped to make the work even more inspiring.

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