Volunteers are the backbone of all social movements and they are one of the most powerful vehicles for change. Volunteers elect presidents, revitalize neighborhoods and connect the underserved to resources. They come back for more, multiply and, quite often, are unstoppable.

Volunteering is to Repair the World what the hex wrench is to our IKEA furniture. It helps get the job done.

Volunteering also connects you to amazing people and important issues that may never have showed up in your Facebook feed. It helps you develop new skills and unleash ones you didn’t even know you had. It helps you figure out who you are and where you want to go.

By giving your time and talents to the world, you enrich the world and it enriches you. It’s a hugely valuable gift that goes both ways. (That’s gift, not gif.)

So stop killing time and give time to make change happen. This is your life, this is your world – you can make it into whatever you want.

Oh and don’t worry – it’s ok to kill some time with Netflix marathons, Cute Overload binges and, by all means, keep tweeting. (Especially @repairtheworld!)

Just focus on giving time too. Find out how here.