In the month leading up to MLK Day, our blog will be exploring diverse expressions of art created by people of color. The blog will highlight artists, collaborators, performers, poets, filmmakers, and everything in between. We will be exploring creative outlets that express the various ways racial injustice exists today.

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Meet: Roxanne Gay

Roxane Gay Difficult Women

Roxane Gay is a writer, scholar, and cultural critic who’s body of work spans multiple genres. (Fiction, non-fiction, opinion, and comic books are just the beginning!) She writes on a variety of subjects, but is likely best known for her book Bad Feminist, a collection of essays on feminism that are at once incisive, smart, and laugh-out-loud funny.

Her most recent book, the just-published, Difficult Women, is a collection of short stories that delves into the lived experiences of women. Find out more about Gay’s work on her website.