Biking is the new driving – almost! Did you know that bike commuting has grown by 47 percent since 2000? That means more and more people are swapping four wheels for two, trading in gasoline power for pedal power, and getting out into the fresh air. And now, they are getting together all across the country to celebrate National Bike Month – a month dedicated to all things cycling!

Repair the World loves National Bike Month (we even have a few dedicated cyclers on staff). So as the country kicks off National Bike Month, here are some interesting events, opportunities, and news happening in the biking world right now:

  • Join a bike share program. Don’t own your own bike, or need a bike to get around a new city. Check out the sweet bike-sharing map, which charts bike-share programs around the globe. So cool! You can also check out Spinlister to find real live people nearby who want to rent their bike to you for the day.
  • BYOB (bike lane, that is) File this under genius: several new companies are piloting bike lights that project the image bright red lanes all around a biker when it’s dark out. The lanes help cars see the bikes on the road, and get a sense of how close they are!
  • Brake and refuel. Thirsty bikers in Zurich can roll up to a new crop of “drive-in” cafes designed just for them. The table top design lets riders drink their cappuccino and read the paper without ever leaving the saddle.
  • Biking can help you concentrate! Believe it or not, one effect of biking to work or school is better concentration – for up to four hours!
  • Join the fun on Bike to Work Day. Need a little extra inspiration to get on the saddle? Join thousands of cyclists across the country on Friday, May 17 for Bike to Work Day! There is nothing more thrilling than riding with a pack of other cyclists and feeling like you’ve taken over the road. Get the rush on May 17. You can make a pledge to bike to work with Transportation Alternatives.
  • Sign up for Hazon’s Jewish Environmental Bike Ride. Spend Labor Day cycling with hundreds of other riders on this fully supported and fully inspirational bike trip. Spend a relaxing Shabbat in the Connecticut Berkshires, ride into New York City, make great new friends and raise money for the Jewish environmental movement – what could be better?
  • Guns for bikes program. In Uruguay, the government has launched a new program where people can turn in unregistered weapons in exchange for a new bike or a low-end computer. This win-win approach will get illegal weapons off the streets, while adding to the city’s alternative transportation options.
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Someone in the Repair NYC office is an avid biker…

How are you celebrating National Bike Month? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @repairtheworld #bikemonth.