What do you do when you get back from a life-changing trip to Israel and there’s not enough time left in the summer to do anything — but too much time left to do nothing? High tail it to Detroit to volunteer with your friends and make new ones. Such was the consensus among the 40 strong who wasted no time getting involved upon their return from the Sue and Alan J. Kaufman Family Detroit Federation’s 2012 Teen Mission (TM12).

As part of Repair the World’s ongoing youth enrichment efforts in Detroit, the teens hooked up with Summer in the City to spend some quality time with elementary school students participating in Project Play programs.

“At Summer in the City, every camper gets a volunteer buddy, so you really get the chance to get to know someone and brighten everyone’s day,” said Shane Perlin, one of the volunteers. “It’s a really fun, inclusive environment, where we get to meet all sorts of people AND enjoy the summer weather.”

Summer in the City provided youth programming for over 150 campers daily, including academic enrichment, arts, athletics and field trips — all powered by energetic volunteers from the city and suburbs.

As Shane describes it, TM12 involved service in Israel, including volunteering with Muslim kids in a Druze village. “The great thing about the experiences in Israel and Detroit is that you forget about all your differences and get to focus on the things you have in common. Everyone loves soccer.”

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