Well it’s no longer morning so I won’t trouble you with lyrics bemoaning the start of yet another work week. Instead, I’ll send you merrily into 2011 with reads and opportunities from around the blogosphere, which will hopefully inspire and motivate you towards more service in the coming year.

  • Pando Projects, a start up which empowers young people to come up with creative solutions for problems in their own communities, shows everyone how to best engage the Millenials and get them involved in service — use the Internet. — GOOD
  • A group of Boston teens visit the pupils from Yemin Orde, a youth village destroyed by the forest fires in Carmel, Israel last month. — The Jerusalem Post
  • On Friday, we wrote about the work that’s being done to eliminate food deserts in Los Angeles. Today this interactive map of the U.S. demonstrates how pervasive the problem is and how many communities are without access to nutritional fare. — GOOD
  • Looking for a new way to eat sustainably? How about trying the Invasive Species Diet? (Though it’s unlikely that any of these species are kosher.)  — The New York Times
  • To help just Jews or to help everyone? That is the question revisited in 2011. — eJewish Philanthropy