The first full week of the new year is behind us, which means it’s time to start forecasting what the next 11+ months in social justice will look like. But in addition to noting some forthcoming trends, we’ve got some inspiring links about service and a couple of ways for you to get involved. Check them out!

  • Some of new developments for the socially conscious in 2011 include the return of the electric car and triple bottom lines for business, which measure impacts on profits, people and the planet. —
  • One AVODAH corps member’s experience on the great New York City equalizer – the subway. — AVODAH Blog
  • A post about how cattle that had been abandoned by owners as a result of civil strife are destroying crops in Sri Lanka and AJWS’s work with female farmers to help restore agricultural soundness to the region. — Food Forever Blog
  • And of course with MLK in just one week, we couldn’t do a link round up without some new suggestion of how you can get involved. Check out this post about how to become a social media rock star on the big day. — HandsOn Blog