top10580x380Every year, newspapers and magazines like to put out “predictions” lists – roundups that attempt to guess what trends and surprises the following year might hold in music, fashion, food, business, politics and so on. (According to those lists, 2013 is likely to bring us more sour foods – yay pickles! – and the return of Bermuda shorts.

We think those lists are fun – but here at Repair the World, we take a slightly different approach to the New Year. That’s because, we know that no matter what becomes trendy (or falls off the “hot” list), one thing that never goes out of style is service. The world’s most pressing issues change from year to year, and decade to decade. But at the end of the day, helping others and strengthening our communities through volunteering is simply timeless.

So this New Year, as we write our lists of resolutions, and dig out our favorite party hats (or those funny, good-for-one-night-only 2013 sunglasses), we invite everyone to rededicate ourselves to compassion and loving-kindness, to acts of service and charity, and to our responsibility to Repair the World. And because we can’t entirely resist those end-of-year lists, here’s our Top 10 favorite posts and interviews from 2012. Enjoy!


      • Rock Stars Who Make a Difference: In celebration of World Music Day, we checked out some musicians who spend their free time volunteering and making a difference in the world.
      • Interview with Seth Goldman: The “TeaEO” of Honest Tea talked with us about their new recycling initiative, which featured a giant recycling bin built in Times Square.
      • Gleaning and Feeding in Israel: Joseph Gitler of the Israel-based organization Leket talked about their gleaning program, which empowers thousands of volunteers each year to harvest excess produce from farmers’ fields and distribute it to needy families.
      • November, Movember: Repair the World celebrated the international month of mustaches, a.k.a. Movember – when guys around the world grow ‘staches to raise awareness about and funds for prostate cancer research and other men’s health issues.
      • Interview with a Teen Book Queen: 11-year old Abby Richmond wowed us with the books (yes, more than one!) she’s written, and the $3,000 she’s raised and donated from book sale proceeds.
      • Feeding Teens’ Body and Soul in Seattle: We interviewed Robert Beiser of JConnect in Seattle, which works with the awesome organization Teen Feed to help teens who are homeless in the city.
      • Harnessing the Power of Video Games: In honor of National Video Game Day (it really exists!) we checked in with the organization Global Kids, which uses video games and Second Life to empower teens to do good.
      • Interview with Noam Parness: Find out how one awesome college student brought LGBT awareness to campus at Queens College in New York.
      • Two 9/11 Heros: For the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, we interviewed two rabbis, Stephen Roberts and Simkha Weintraub, who played an important role in helping families grieve and heal.
      • Two views on Hurricane Sandy: In addition to providing up-to-the-minute service opportunities after the hurricane, we published the powerful reflections from several volunteers and responders, including Repair the World staffers Jacqueline Broder and Talya Gillman.

What was your favorite Repair the World post from 2012? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @repairtheworld.