Are you craving a summer filled with fresh veggies, time spent outside, a chance to dig in the dirt, and an opportunity to work towards food justice – but not sure how to get there? Repair the World has got you covered. We’ve crafted three easy-to-follow recipes that will have you enjoying the tastiest local produce and contributing to a more equitable food system. Check them out and get farming!

Recipe 1: Grow it yourself
– 1 small backyard, community garden plot, large container, or window box
– a good amount of soil
– a few packets of seeds or plants
– lots of water
– 1-2 videos (like this or this) explaining how to grow food in an urban environment
– A couple of clicks on Ample Harvest’s website.

Take a look at your space (or lack thereof) and decide how many vegetables and fruits you want to attempt to grow. Combine soil and seeds or plants, adding water frequently until vegetables arrive. Refer to videos as needed. Donate any excess produce to help feed hungry people with Ample Harvest (make sure your local food pantries are registered on their site!)

Recipe 2: Support a local farmer
– 1 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership
– 2-3 sturdy tote bags
– 7-10 reusable produce bags
– 1 volunteer shift at your CSA
– 12 weekly trips to the farmer’s market
– 1 kitchen

Pick up your locally-grown vegetables and fruit at your CSA once a week throughout the season. (Say hello to your farmer if he or she is there!) Pack your vegetables and fruit into your tote bags and produce bags. When it’s time, do your volunteer shift and help keep the CSA running smoothly. Supplement your produce haul (with bread, cheese, eggs, honey and other goodies) with weekly trips to the farmers market. Cook in your kitchen like a veggie-loving maniac! Find recipe ideas here.

Recipe 3: Go, grow and learn
– 1 summer volunteer day on the farm with Urban Adamah
– 1 weeklong sustainable agriculture/food justice workshop with Jewish Farm School (apply by May 15)
– 1 week (or month) spent volunteering on an organic farm with WWOOF
– 1 workshop on preserving your harvest through pickling and canning led by Shoresh

Check your calendar and spread ingredients liberally throughout the summer months. Pack your overnight bags and enjoy.

What’s your recipe for creating a farming friendly summer? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @repairtheworld.