Repair the World’s very own Director of Digital Strategy, Daniel Sieradski has just been named to the Forward 50, which is the the Forward newspaper’s annual listing of the some of the most influential Jews whose work is having a tremendous impact both in and outside of the Jewish community.

So why is Sieradski on this year’s list? Well for starters, there are all the websites and blogs he founded including Jewschool, which has become a forum for young progressive Jews to discuss social and political issues affecting the community. Then there was the website he compiled early this year throughout the month of January of cutting edge ideas for online and offline Jewish initiatives, and his latest project, Jew It Yourself, which, set to launch next year, is intended to provide tools to Jews interested in self-directed learning and community building.

While his work on Jew It Yourself and various other initiatives is separate from the work that he does at Repair the World, these skills are what make him so invaluable in his role at Repair. As a noted Jewish blogging and digital media pioneer, he has created and cultivated extensive networks of friends and colleagues over the years. These are tremendous assets to a digital strategist living in a 21st century networked world and the organization he works for.

And that’s a lot of experience under the belt for someone who, at 31, is still quite young himself. Not only has Sieradski influenced his contemporaries but he has also shown a generation of even younger, tech savvy, communally-minded Jews how to change the future of our community for the better. All you need is Internet access, an issue you’re passionate about and perhaps some HTML skills.