Today, December 1 is World AIDS Day, which was established in 1988 and this year’s theme is “Universal Access and Human Rights.” Here are a few informative links about the scope of the challenges and what is being done to increase the accessibility of education, prevention and care to those living with AIDS.

  • The TED blog offers three compelling talks given by Mitchell Besser, Elizabeth Pisani and Annie Lennox, each one highlighting different aspects the global AIDS issue. —  TED Blog
  • Donate to help shelter, counsel, feed and educate over 400 AIDS orphans at the Mzesa Day Care Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. — Global Giving
  • Filmmaker Sheila Johnson writes about the AIDS epidemic closer to home, in Washington, D.C. a city with an HIV/AIDS rate that’s higher than Dakar, the capital city of Senegal in western Africa, and higher than Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She has made a documentary about it called, The Other City. — The Huffington Post