(Jewish, LGBTQ, Celeb Weddings!)

Love is in the air in June. As one of the most popular months to get married (that’s where the term “June bride” comes from), happy couples all over the country are tying the knot right now. And in recent years, these happy “I, do” moments have grown to include LGBTQ couples – as of now, 12 states plus Washington DC legally recognize same-sex marriage.

The ultimate goal of legal recognition and constitutional protection for same-sex marriage has not yet been achieved, though the majority (just over half) of Americans support it. And yet, the more gay weddings that are celebrated, the more it becomes a part of the cultural norm. As part of that celebration, Repair the World rounded up some of our favorite Jewish LGBTQ celebrities to honor their decision to marry their partners. Mazel tov!

Barney Frank: The former House of Representatives Democrat (he served in Massachusetts from 1981 until just recently in 2013), is considered the most prominent gay politician in the United States. His wedding last summer to his partner Jim Ready was a highly publicized celebration, featuring lots of A-list political celebrities (Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Dennis Kucinich etc.), the grooms lifted up on chairs during a hora and, as the Times reported, some tasty vegan cocktail food. (Check out the New York Times’ wedding announcement.)

Leslie Feinberg: A transgender activist and author, Feinberg’s novel Stone Butch Blues is considered a watershed work about gender identity. Feinberg’s partner, Minnie Bruce Pratt is also a writer and activist. The two got married in two different states in order to help legally protect each other with regards to healthcare and other critical life issues.

Tony Kushner: In 2003, Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Angels in America, was turned into a hugely successful TV miniseries for HBO. But that wasn’t the only exciting thing that happened to Mr. Kushner that year. He also wed his partner – journalist and author Mark Harris. According to their New York Times wedding announcement, Rabbi Ellen Lippmann “blessed the couple while wrapping them together with a prayer shawl, pulling them so close their eyeglasses touched.”

Cynthia Nixon: The actress and former Sex in the City star is not Jewish herself, but her kids are – and she has been an active community member at Manhattan LGBTQ synagogue, CBST. (She also recently hosted a benefit for T’ruah, a Jewish human rights organization.) Last year, Nixon married her partner, education activist Christine Marinoni. True to her SaTC roots, she wore couture – a pale green gown designed by Carolina Herrera.

Ari Shapiro: You may not know what Ari Shapiro looks like, but chances are you’ve heard his voice as the White House correspondent for National Public Radio. When not reporting the news as a radio journalist, Shapiro has been known to sing and record in multiple languages, including Hebrew and Ladino. A 2004 article in The Yale Daily News (the newspaper of Shapiro’s alma mater) covered his wedding to long-time partner – and fellow Yalie – Michael Gottlieb, a lawyer.

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