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Celebrating Black History Month with JPRO

Civil rights and racial justice are two of the most pressing and vital issues of our day. Recently, Repair the World had the opportunity to convene a conversation with other leaders in the Jewish and justice worlds. Through the JPRO Network, an organization that works to help Jewish non-profits do their work better and in a more connected way, we participated in a Webinar in honor of Black History Month called “Is Social Justice at Work? Jewish Organizations as Racial Justice Allies.”

The webinar speakers included Repair the World’s own David Eisner, Cheryl Cook of AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps, Chava Shervington from the Jewish Multiracial Network, April Baskin of the Union of Reform Judaism, and Mark Winston Griffith of the Brooklyn Movement Center. Each brought their own perspectives, wisdom, and experience to a conversation about the role Jewish communal organizations can and should play in working for racial justice.

Take a break to listen in on the full conversation, and let us know what you think! Tweet us and share your thoughts at @repairtheworld. And check out JPRO’s ongoing webinar series.