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DIY: Fighting homophobic bullying

Here’s what we’ve learned about gay teen suicides: it takes a village to make them happen, and also to make them stop. Yes, those kids who recently took their lives, in cities across the country, were particularly targeted by particular bullies. But both the bullies and their victims were caught up in systemic webs of hatred, ideology, and culture. Our rabbis, politicians, and community leaders are all responsible, as are all of us, for spreading the fundamental message that gay is not okay — a message that is lethal, and insidious.

The good news is that, since we’re all responsible, if you’re outraged and want to do something, there are a lot of things you can do.
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DIY: What Kind of Volunteer Are You?

Everybody loves a good personality quiz. There’s the popular Myers-Briggs quiz that everyone seemed to be taking a few years back – the one that led people to proclaim confounding things like “I’m an INFP, what are you?” Then there are the ever-present quizzes in women’s interest magazines, which coax readers into pondering questions like, “Am I in a destructive friend relationship?” or “What’s my shopping persona?”

Well, it seems the service world has jumped on personality quiz boat. A recent post on WildApricot rounded up 8 quizzes for new volunteers to take before delving into the world of service. Ranging from Planet Green’s quiz for eco-volunteers to Workopolis’ quiz for the career-oriented volunteer, these tests assess volunteer-savvy and help steer test takers down their best possible volunteer path.

Arguably these quizzes, which are aimed to help people tap into their service-related passions, are more useful than many. They are fun, inspire some self-reflection time and (with some luck and honest answers), will point the way towards a future of meaningful service. So – newbie volunteers (and veterans) – take the quiz and find out just what kind of volunteer you really are. Then plug into service opportunities across the country (and world!) on Repair the World’s Jewish service database.

Find the rest of the quizzes here.

DIY: Take Your Service Experience With You

Service work can be truly life changing – both for the community being served, and also for the person volunteering their time. And when that service is of the “immersive” variety (a seven-day experience or longer), the likelihood that the experience will profoundly shape the volunteer is all the greater.

One of the biggest challenges faced by immersive service participants is how to hold onto everything they learned after the program ends. But no matter how profound the experience was: whether they strengthened their commitment to service, discovered a new appreciation of Jewish tradition, or developed leadership skills, it is entirely possible to bring that new found inspiration back every day life. Here’s how:
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DIY: Avoid Service Burnout

Burnout has a way of sneaking up on someone. One minute you’re moving full-steam ahead with a volunteer project or social action campaign, and then whap! Your energy completely deflates, and you’re left wondering why you ever got involved in the first place. Burnout can also be slow and steady – a gradual buildup of late nights, meetings and endless details that eventually collect into a messy pile of disenchantment.

Burnout can strike at anytime and impact anyone who is involved in service – but it can also be avoided! Read below to find out how you can get the better of burnout.
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DIY: Fundraise for a Charity Event

As summer begins to heat up, so does the schedule of charity bike rides, walkathons and jog-for-the-cure events. From Hazon’s Jewish Environmental Bike Rides to the AIDS Lifecycle Ride and Breast Cancer 3-Day there are endless opportunities to “pray with your feet,” raise funds on behalf of an important cause, and have an amazing time while doing it.

But one thing that tends to hold people back from participating in a fundraising event is, well, the fear of fundraising. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make your appeals for the cause easier – and even enjoyable!
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DIY: Organize an Independent Service Trip

The Jewish world is filled with opportunities to go on organized service trips, all over the world. But if you want to organize an independent service trip, here’s how.
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