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Monday Link Roundup

Happy Monday and day after Mother’s Day! However you spent your time yesterday – hanging out with your mom, your kids, or your friends, or just celebrating the beautiful May Sunday, we hope it was spectacular. To help ease you back into the week, here is your dose of inspiring posts (including a couple mom-focused stories) from around the web.

  • The Huffington Post shared a Q&A with philanthropist and humanitarian-extraordinaire, Melinda Gates, where she muses about the importance of her mom (and other strong women role models) in her own life, and what’s going on in the field of maternal healthcare across the world.
  • The JTA included an op-ed calling to elevate more female rabbis into leadership roles – and to celebrate the distinct gifts and perspectives women rabbis have brought to Jewish tradition.
  • eJewish Philanthropy reports that The Shalem Center in Jerusalem received a generous matching grant to establish Israel’s first liberal arts college – one focused on learning, service, and leadership.
  • The Forward and Southern Jewish Life magazine both included coverage about the ongoing tornado clean-up in Alabama (and elsewhere in the South), and how Jewish groups are stepping in to help.
  • Jspot, the blog by Repair the World grantee-partner, Jewish Funds for Justice, featured a video of a recent flash mob in New York City, promoting workers’ rights.

Get Ready for Mother’s Day with Jewish Women International

Mother’s Day is coming up in two short weeks (May 8), but there is no need to panic if you have not figured out just the right way to tell your mom how much you care. Jewish Women International – an organization that empowers women and girls through encouraging economic literacy, community training, healthy relationship education and the proliferation of women’s leadership – has created the perfect Mother’s Day gift – the Flower Project.
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Repair Interview: Jenni Wolfson on Documenting Human Rights Abuses with WITNESS

Video has the power to change the world by changing the way we see it. In Brooklyn, an international human rights organization called WITNESS is working to leverage video’s power by providing training and support to organizations to utilize video as a critical tool in their human rights advocacy work.

Managing Director, Jenni Wolfson – who spent years as a human rights activist for the United Nations before coming to WITNESS – has seen first hand the important role the documentarian plays in changing the world. Wolfson took some time to tell Repair the World about the quickly changing landscape of video and social media, the courage she sees in activists every day, and how her background as a Scottish Jew influenced her passion for human rights work.
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Monday Link Roundup

Happy Monday everyone. Hopefully you had a restful weekend, and to get your week started off right, here is our weekly round up of stories – some touching and sad, others hopeful, all inspiring – from the world of service on the web.

  • Hollywood star and Jew by choice, Elizabeth Taylor (who passed away last week) was also a devoted humanitarian, supporter of the LGBT community, and an AIDS activist writes the Huffington Post. May her memory be a blessing.
  • Geraldine A. Ferraro sadly also passed away this past week. The New York Times published a touching obituary for Ferraro, who, “ended the men’s club of national politics” by being the first woman to be nominated for Vice President.
  • GOOD reports on the goings on of The Do Good Bus – a mobile volunteer unit (literally a bus) that takes volunteers and deposits them on secret volunteer missions around the community. Education and action all rolled (pun intended) together.
  • The Huffington Post’s Tom Sheridan contributed a stirring op-ed on the importance of non-profits standing up for themselves as their federal support grows increasingly threatened.
  • Calling all spring breakers: Climate Progress published a thoughtful how-to piece with ideas about green travel and vacationing without stressing the planet.

Honoring 5 World-Changing Women on International Women’s Day

The inspiring profiles below were originally published on the American Jewish World Service’s website in honor of International Women’s Day (which is celebrating its 100th anniversary today). These women have gone above and beyond to put service at the center of their lives. (To the impressive list below, we could add many world-changing Jewish women – AJWS’ Ruth Messinger, without a doubt being one of them.) Who is your favorite world-changing woman?
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