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Fight Poverty This Passover with The Workmen’s Circle

This Passover season, the folks over at The Workmen’s Circle are honoring the holiday by fighting to end a modern day plague: working poverty.

The United States is home to 10 million people who fall into the category of working poor – folks who have jobs but who’s wages are so low, they cannot afford their basic needs. These families and individuals often have to choose between paying rent or going to the doctor, or buying groceries or paying their electric bill. No hard working person should have to make those choices.

Historically, The Workmen’s Circle has been at the forefront of the Jewish labor movement and a champion of workers’ rights. Now, they are fighting back against poverty by joining the Fight for $15 – a nationwide movement aimed at raising the minimum wage to at least $15.

On Wednesday, April 15, join them in a National Day of Action to help raise awareness about the struggles low wage workers face every day. They will meet at Columbus Circle in New York City and march together to Times Square. To find out more, check back to their Facebook page for more details.

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day

Fair trade. It is a term that gets thrown around a lot in eco and labor-savvy consumer circles, but what does it really mean? Find out by celebrating World Fair Trade Day!

In short, fair trade is about people and the planet, and about creating and consuming the products we love in ways that are fair to both. For farmers and manufacturers, that means getting paid a living wage for the work they do. Coffee, tea, and chocolate are likely the most widely-known fair trade products, but just about anything that is grown or made by people can be fairly traded: spices, produce, soaps, clothing, jewelry – even home goods.

On May 10, join 100,000 people around the United States and Canada for one of the largest fair trade events in the world! Help promote fair trade products and justice for farmers, workers, and artisans. Get started by learn more about fair trade at the video below. Then, join one of the great events happening all over the country event, or create your own!