This July, Repair the World is teaming up with an awesome organization called Ask Big Questions (an initiative of Hillel) to ask the big, burning question: Who is in your community? Today’s answer comes in the form of a celebration of an amazing person: Nelson Mandela.

Today is Mandela Day – the yearly celebration of Nelson Mandela’s birthday, and a day dedicated to inspiring people to make the world a better place, build a global movement for good, and empower communities everywhere.

For 67 years, Nelson Mandela did exactly this. The The Nobel Peace Prize-winning former President of South Africa dedicated himself to bringing more justice into the world. He was a champion of the anti-Apartheid movement, led his country into a new era of peace and freedom, and has continued to be a voice for human rights.

Starting in 2008 with Mr. Mandela’s 90th birthday, July 18 has morphed into a day charged with ensuring his legacy lives forever. The message is simple: for each of Mr. Mandela’s 67 years, participants give 67 minutes of their time supporting a charity, or serving locally in their community. Around the world, people have taken up that call in all sorts of ways, hosting fundraising bike rides and concerts, creating new social justice campaigns, or simply caring for others.

Want an idea for how to celebrate Mandela Day? How about 67 ideas? Check out Mandela Day’s 67 ways to change the world, and let us know how you plan to celebrate by tweeting @repairtheworld and @AskBigQs.