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On Martin Luther King Day, Jews Must Acknowledge Their Privilege

This Op-Ed by Maital Friedman first appeared in JTA on January 14th.

NEW YORK (JTA) — The events of the last few weeks have shaken me to the core. Beyond the devastation I felt over the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, I was heartbroken to learn that the police officers involved would not stand trial. “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” and “I can’t breathe” have become harrowing reverberations of a broken justice system.
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MLK Day in Pittsburgh

A Video Blog

By Repair the World Pittsburgh Fellow Dravidi Stinnett

Making MLK Day a Weekend On, Not a Day Off

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’”

This weekend become part of the living legacy of Dr. King by turning your kitchen table into a table of brotherhood. Join Repair the WorldPoints of Light and the Corporation for National & Community Service in a MLK Shabbat Supper, Sunday Supper and service project near you!
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All Over the Map: MLK Weekend Recap!

This weekend, we were thrilled to unite thousands of people from across the country around one of our nation’s most dynamic leaders and his ideals. Nothing could be more American than the inauguration MLK Day of Service! Repair the World MLK Shabbat Suppers resulted in seventy dinners from Los Gatos to the Lower East Side! These meals engaged over 1,200 guests in a dynamic discussion around education inequality, civil rights, and volunteer action. You can read more about Repair the World Shabbat Suppers in an article by one of our heroes, Lynn Schusterman, HERE.

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 10.53.19 AM

Repair the World was proud to not only bring Dr. King’s legacy of service into homes all over America, but to also be part of the Presidential Inaugural Committee’s iServe fair in Washington, DC! Repair the World staff members Laura Kassen, Jamie Silverstein, and Sophia Chitlik joined new CEO (and service rock star) David Eisner for a whirlwind day of connecting with eager volunteers and citizens from all fifty states. We met members of the Jewish community from Alaska (the frozen chosen!), reconnected with awesome organizations, and met hundreds of people who are passionate about making their communities stronger through volunteering.

On Sunday, David and the Repair the World team attended another amazing event held by our partner, Points of Light. Our Shabbat Suppers program is an iteration of their Sunday Supper initiative, so, naturally the event featured food and great discussions about the issues impacting American communities. At Points of Light’s Sunday Supper, the focus was also on the all-important issue of educational opportunity. Speakers from General Colin Powell to Mayors Rahm Emanuel, Michael Nutter, and Antonio Villaraigosa emphasized the critical importance of creating an education system of the future that works for all kids. We agree that volunteers are a part of the solution! You can check out more about Repair’s commitment to public education HEREScreen Shot 2013-01-23 at 10.54.59 AM

Martin Luther King Day was definitely not a “day off” for Repair the World staff, who hit the ground running in four cities to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King. In Detroit, Devon Rubenstein, Emily Phillips, and Ben Falik engaged over 50 college students as volunteers at a local elementary school. And here in New York, Siobhan Neitzel continued her weekly tradition of mucking out homes that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy (yes, still; find more ways to get involved on our Sandy Service page).

Enough about us. We want to hear about YOUR Shabbat Supper or MLK weekend service experience. Post your pictures on our facebook page, or contact us at [email protected] to share your story!



It’s not too late to live the legacy! Sign up for MLK Shabbat Supper today

MLK Suppers

From Washington State to Washington Heights, we’ve been blown away by the response to our Shabbat Suppers initiative.

In case you haven’t heard it through the grapevine, Repair the World is partnering with Points of Light, NEXT: A Division of Birthright Israel Foundation, and hosts just like you to bring the issue of education inequality to the table. Your kitchen table, that is.

By signing up to host a Shabbat Supper, you won’t just be inviting your friends over for a great meal. You’ll be hosting a conversation around the legacy of Dr. King, education inequality, and how you can take action to make your community a better place.

And we’re here to help you make it happen with our toolkit to guide you through the discussion! Be sure to sign-up by 12pm Eastern on Wednesday, January 16th to receive your toolkit via snail mail.

Even if you miss the deadline, you can receive a digital toolkit which contains two discussion activities, and an access code to screen the fabulous documentary Brooklyn Castle (before it comes out on DVD!) by emailing [email protected]!

Make a Difference Without Leaving Your Living Room!

MLK SuppersBeyond posting an inspirational quote on facebook, when was the last time you did something meaningful on MLK Day?

We know you’re busy. And we know that your three-day weekend is sacred (and that you probably deserve the break!). But did you know that for over 15 years, MLK Day has been celebrated as a day of service by millions of Americans? Here at Repair, our team has partnered with NEXT: A Division of Birthright Israel Foundation, and with one of the organizations who pioneered the MLK Day of Service, the Points of Light Institute, to offer you a way to join the movement from the comfort of your own home!


Repair is challenging you to become part of the living legacy of Dr. King by turning your kitchen table into a table of brotherhood the weekend of January 18th. Through our Shabbat Suppers initiative, you will be sent the tools to transform Friday night with friends into an opportunity for social action.

It’s ok if you’ve never held a Shabbat dinner. We know that not everyone “does” Shabbat. But you’ve gotta eat! Use this event, and this toolkit, as a foundation for a meaningful meal – whatever that means to you.

Shabbat Suppers will take many forms. They might be talks over take-out Chinese or screening parties with your friends from college. Some folks will have sit-down brisket dinners with friends of different faiths, and others will have potluck style meals in tiny apartments. At all of these events, food might get your guests in the door, but it’s the discussion will bring you together.


On this year’s plate (we couldn’t help ourselves…) is of the defining civil rights issues of our time: education inequality. Once you sign-up as a host, Repair will send you a real, live toolkit via snail mail. These toolkits will contain a discussion guide, Repair swag for your guests, and a T-shirt as a thank you (just for you)!

Our discussion guide bears absolutely no resemblance to your AP Government textbook. Instead, it offers simple questions, real facts, and easy to enforce ground rules so that you can host a dynamic (and respectful) conversation around education and the legacy of Dr. King.

We want to arm you with the facts, and the tools to act on them. In honor of the MLK Day of Service, you will also receive information on how you can make a difference in the lives of public school children all over the country!


Excited? Sign-up HERE to become a host, and we’ll send you a toolkit for free!

And there’s more exciting news for Birthright Israel alumni! Through our friends at NEXT, you can receive funding for your Shabbat Supper through the NEXT Shabbat program. Register your meal, and you will be able to click a box to receive our free toolkit.

As always, we want to hear you from you! Tell us about your Shabbat Supper plans, or send us a question, by emailing [email protected]