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Thomas Hearns Joins Effort to Fight Detroit Blight

This post originally appeared on USA Today on July 9, 2014


Boxing great Thomas “Hitman” Hearns has joined an effort to fight blight in the Detroit neighborhood where he grew up. A number of others have helped put together the cleanup along with Repair the World Detroit, a Jewish volunteer organization.

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Repair The World…Welcome To The Workshop

This post originally appeared on The Jewish News on June 29, 2014

By Ben Falik

Even if you weren’t present for the Grand Opening of The Workshop — perhaps you were walking/running for Israel, Lagging b’Omer or pollinating at Flower Day — you were there in spirit. So thank you for being there in spirit (and for leaving the Honeybee Market guacamole for the rest of us).

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Good Fellows

This post originally appeared on My Jewish Detroit in June 2014

By Vivian Henoch

Last September, AJ Aaron (24), Michael Evers (25),  Joel Millman (24), Coco Spencer (22) and Carly Sugar (25) came to the city to live, work and play. Together, they’ve embarked on an adventure, living and working together as the first cohort of Fellows at Repair the World Detroit, a nonprofit community service organization that recruits and matches volunteers — working in partnership with schools, youth programs, urban gardens and neighborhood associations throughout the city.

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AgeWell Rides Connects Seniors With Drivers

This post originally appeared on Pittsburgh Post Gazette on June 19, 2014

By Kim Lyons

AgeWell Rides is an initiative of Jewish Family & Children‘‍s Services and volunteer organization Repair the World: Pittsburgh. The service, which is about 2 months old, matches volunteer drivers using their own cars with senior citizens, mainly within the city limits, who are in need of transportation.

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Listen: Radio Stories Featuring RTW Detroit

This post originally appeared on RTW Detroit Tumblr in June 2014.

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AgeWell Rides – Like Lyft and Uber for Seniors, only FREE

This post originally appeared on Next Pittsburgh on June 17, 2014

By Leah Lizarondo

The Jewish Family & Children’s Services (JF&CS) in collaboration with Repair the World: Pittsburgh, recently launched AgeWell Rides to serve seniors in the city. AgeWell Rides is a new, free volunteer transportation service that matches local volunteer drivers with seniors who do not or cannot drive and need reliable transportation to go to medical appointments, grocery shopping or simply to get out in the community.

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Repair the World Opens New Office in East Liberty

This post originally appeared on Next Pittsburgh on June 10, 2015

By Matthew Wein

Ask Zack Block to explain Repair the World: Pittsburgh and he might compare it to AmeriCorps, but only at first. “Like AmeriCorps, we have fellows working in direct service at various community organizations,” says Block, the program’s director. “The similarities pretty much end there.”

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Repair the World: Philadelphia Moving to West Philly, Looking for Volunteers

This post originally appeared on West Philly Local on April 8, 2014

By Annamarya Scaccia

In an effort to address hunger in the region, Repair the World: Philadelphia, a regional nonprofit mobilizing Jewish youth to help improve communities, will launch its Food for Thought Awareness Weekend on Friday, April 11.

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Walking Detroit

This post originally appeared on The Jewish News on December 23, 2013

By Michael Evers

I do a lot of walking and traveling. This year, my feet brought me to Detroit. Here, I serve as “boots on the ground” — a notion I’ve always been uncomfortable with. Thick laces constrain and hard soles leave a deep impression on the Earth. But, as a Repair the World Fellow, I’m learning to tread well in Detroit.

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Repair the World’s New Model for Starting Up: “Speed-Leading

This post originally appeared on The Wexner Foundation Blog on December 22, 2013

By Seth Goren and Ilana Aisen

In one of the climactic scenes from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Queen Amidala (played by the oh-so-Jewish actress Natalie Portman) exasperatedly argues for help and presses her colleagues to immediate action: “I’ve come before you to resolve this attack on our sovereignty now!” she declares. “I was not elected to watch my people suffer and die while you discuss this invasion in a committee!”

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