Volunteering and voting are two key facets of civic engagement in the US.  The Talmud teaches us that “a ruler shouldn’t be appointed unless the community is first consulted.” (Berachot 55a) We won’t wait around to be consulted — instead, we’re going to learn, act, and vote according to our values, building and deepening local community partnerships that continue past November.  We scoured the internet to help you learn more, register, get connected, and (of course) volunteer!

Without further ado: here is a (non-exhaustive) list of resources to use and share through your own on social media — show us your love and how you are getting involved by tagging @RepairtheWorld on social media.

Volunteer: Protect our Right to Vote

Your Right to Vote

Jewish Texts on the Importance of Civic Engagement and Voting

More Resources from the Jewish Community on Voting and Civic Engagement

Keep in mind: the resources on this page are non-partisan, but we encourage you to volunteer for candidates and causes that you are passionate about.