Everybody loves a good personality quiz. There’s the popular Myers-Briggs quiz that everyone seemed to be taking a few years back – the one that led people to proclaim confounding things like “I’m an INFP, what are you?” Then there are the ever-present quizzes in women’s interest magazines, which coax readers into pondering questions like, “Am I in a destructive friend relationship?” or “What’s my shopping persona?”

Well, it seems the service world has jumped on personality quiz boat. A recent post on WildApricot rounded up 8 quizzes for new volunteers to take before delving into the world of service. Ranging from Planet Green’s quiz for eco-volunteers to Workopolis’ quiz for the career-oriented volunteer, these tests assess volunteer-savvy and help steer test takers down their best possible volunteer path.

Arguably these quizzes, which are aimed to help people tap into their service-related passions, are more useful than many. They are fun, inspire some self-reflection time and (with some luck and honest answers), will point the way towards a future of meaningful service. So – newbie volunteers (and veterans) – take the quiz and find out just what kind of volunteer you really are. Then plug into service opportunities across the country (and world!) on Repair the World’s Jewish service database.

Find the rest of the quizzes here.