Looking for a way to get into the election spirit? Host a presidential debate watching party at your apartment, dorm room, or house. Like watching football, civic engagement is always more fun when you participate with friends – plus, giving your buds a reason to watch the debate may inspire them to get more involved!

Two debates have already past, but there are two more debates yet to come: one tonight and the other, October 22.

Check out our DIY debate watching party guide below, and get ready to start yelling things at the television with your friends!

Craft a guest list. When putting together your invite list, make sure your guests represent a diversity of opinion (at least a little bit!) That will make any post-debate conversation all the more interesting. Send out an e-vite or Paperless Post, or set up a Facebook event so friends know your party is the real deal.

Do your research. Check out both candidates’ websites (Here’s one. Here’s the other.). Read through their positions and platforms to familiarize yourself with the issues they’ll be debating. Encourage your guests to do the same.

Serve snacks. Duh. What food and drink you serve (or ask your guests to bring) is entirely up to you, but consider getting into the spirit by offering presidential-themed food. (Elephant and donkey-shaped sugar cookies anyone?)

Set some boundaries. Before the debate begins, make sure your guests know that all discussion and commentary about the debate – while heated – should remain respectful.

Play a game. What’s a party without a little fun? Make up a scorecard where guests can tally up the number of time certain key phrases are used.

Offer a takeaway. Hopefully people will leave the party feeling revved up (or outraged) enough to go out and make their voices heard! The morning after the debate, email your friends this Repair the World round up of organizations that offer opportunities to volunteer during the 2012 election. Also college students, share this link with guests and friends, which breaks down which states accept student IDs as identification at the voting booth, and which do not.

Are you planning to host a debate party, or have more ideas about how to make one fun and successful? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us at @repairtheworld.