At Repair the World, we are deeply concerned about asylum seeking families being detained and separated at the border. The Torah speaks clearly and multiple times: “You should love the stranger because you were once strangers.” The Torah shares this message 36 times; some interpret this repetition as double chai or two lives. This biblical directive to “love the stranger” is not only about about loving and welcoming in the stranger; it is intertwined with saving the heart and soul of our own community.

We encourage you to Act Now with one of these opportunities to serve.  Here are national and local opportunities to take action through service.  



New York:


We will continue to update this list as we learn of additional opportunities locally and nationally. To volunteer with Repair the World in your city, click here.

There are many incredible national organizations working on justice for immigrants and asylum seekers in a variety of ways. Connect with and follow these organizations for more information: Bend the Arc, HIAS, Mijente, Movimiento Cosecha, Religious Action Center, T’ruah, and United We Dream.

***Tzedakah Alert: Donating to Bail Funds***

A powerful way to use your financial resources to support undocumented families separated at the border is by donating to bail funds. Bail for undocumented people detained by ICE or U.S. Customs and Border Protection must be set at a minimum of $1,500; on average, it is closer to $10,000 per person. Donations help families reunite.  

National organizations funding bail and legal services:

Local organizations’ bail funds and legal services:

If you’d like to share feedback on these connections to volunteer opportunities to support separated families and the organizations listed above, please email [email protected]