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Repair the World provides meaningful service opportunities for families in NYC and Pittsburgh. Find opportunities in your city today!

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Enjoy Time with Family

There’s nothing like spending time with your children, especially when you’re doing something active: gardening, serving at a soup kitchen, visiting a homebound elderly. Spend time with your children in an active, meaningful way.

Enjoy Time to Give Back

We’re all busy. When you spend time with our Families programs in Pittsburgh or NYC, you know that a few times a month you’ll be giving back, and showing your children the importance of giving back and serving their community.

Enjoy Time to Build Community

Our volunteers are parents and children, all dedicated to spending time with loved ones and making the world a little better. Meet other families with your values, build your community in your local neighborhood.

Questions about Repair's family engagement programming?

All kids are welcome! Some programs will specify appropriate age ranges for children volunteering and the reflections afterwards.

100%, yes!

Text, music, videos, stories – all are methods that we utilize to help kids and parents process the work that they will have just done. We also provide parents with materials to support continued conversations with their kids about these issues.

Yes, there will always be a Jewish component to our reflections because our Jewish values inform our work.  Judaism, however, will not be the only tradition or practice or religion explored during our reflections because we strive to be inclusive and welcoming to all.

Absolutely not!  We welcome everyone to serve!

Approximately 3 events per month, although programming varies based on the season and needs of our service partners. To always be kept up to date on the latest volunteer opportunity, check out

No, we are grateful to have the cost of family volunteering programs’ participation underwritten. If you would like to make a donation in support of Family Service Corps, please click here and click “Support a Repair the World Community” in the designation box, followed by the Community of your choice.

All questions, concerns, comments, etc. about family service in Pittsburgh can be directed to Rachel Libros, and questions about family service in NYC can be directed to Rachel Figurasmith.

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