Next Monday, June 25, the United Nations will celebrate its annual Public Service Day. As an international organization dedicated for more than 60 years to “facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and world peace,” the UN knows a little something about public service. So each year, they honor the role that public service workers play on the health and development of communities – locally and across the world.

It also recognizes the work of people who have made public service their lives, and encourages young people to pursue work in the public sector. The official festivities for Public Service Day, which will take place in NYC this year, include a big, formal ceremony recognizing world leaders in public service. You can watch live via webcast on June 25. (Check the winners here.)

As with most official ceremonies, it’s likely to feel a little, well, official. But you don’t have to wear a suit and sit inside an over air-conditioned room all day to celebrate. Find out more about the UN’s Public Service Day at the video below. Then spend the day volunteering somewhere you love in honor of the day.