Mother’s Day is coming up in two short weeks (May 8), but there is no need to panic if you have not figured out just the right way to tell your mom how much you care. Jewish Women International – an organization that empowers women and girls through encouraging economic literacy, community training, healthy relationship education and the proliferation of women’s leadership – has created the perfect Mother’s Day gift – the Flower Project.

As their website reads:

“For the 45,000 women and children who spend Mother’s Day in a battered women’s shelter, urgent concerns like housing, safety and employment make the holiday just another day to survive. That’s why every spring the Mother’s Day Flower Project, sends bouquets, beauty and stationary products, and an inspiring poster to 200 battered women’s shelters across the U.S., while raising funds for initiatives that work every day to educate communities, empower women and break the cycle of abuse.”

Our moms are remarkable people. They feed and clothe us, cheer us on and support us through the most difficult situations, and give us the wisdom and courage we need to embark on our own journies. JWI’s Flower Project offers the opportunity to show your mom just how thankful you are, by supporting all women in need. Purchase a Flower Card here, and upload a tribute video in thanks to your inspiring mom here. Check out JWI’s beautiful video tribute to moms here: