Eating your veggies is good for you. So is aerobic exercise, yoga, and getting enough sleep. But what about volunteering?

It turns out, spending time helping others is not just good for your community, good for the world, or good for your conscience. It can be good for your overall well-being. It is true: studies show that volunteering can have a positive impact on physical and emotional health.

At first, the connection between volunteering and health seems implausible. But it makes sense. Engaging in service brings the volunteer a sense of purpose. That sense of purpose makes them feel good about themselves and their place in the world, setting off a string of positive health benefits like a better mood, lower stress levels, and a positive distraction from any difficulties one might be facing in their own life.

In fact, 76 percent of people who took part in a study by UnitedHealthGroup said volunteering at some point in the last year made them feel actively healthier.

Of course, we at Repair the World love the idea that service is healthy. But don’t take. Check out this video for more information. Then get out there, get volunteering, (eat your greens), and feel healthy!