March is a month with many wonderful qualities. It heralds the beginning of spring, it ushers in 31 days focused on celebrating great women throughout history, and it is typically the month Jews celebrate the festive holiday of Purim.

But here at Repair the World, March means something else in addition to all those great things. Over here, it’s “Get To Know Your Neighbors Month.” Repair the World’s fellows in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Baltimore are gearing up to nurture relationships with their neighbors and engage them in deep and meaningful ways. After all, a huge part of community organizing and bringing about positive changes includes listening to what members of a community need and want, hearing and acknowledging their stories, and building the bonds/cultivating the local leaders necessary to set and achieve goals together. When you boil it down, that’s just a fancy way of saying, “let’s all get to know the folks around us – or whom we define as in our community.”

That’s why, all March long, we plan to celebrate with posts that help you get to know your neighbors a little better. By the time April rolls around, you might even find yourself whistling the famous Mr. Rogers ditty, It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood