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Invite your nearest and dearest. Hosting is more than just gathering around good food and friends.

You can turn the tables on racial injustice and take action – all while sitting around your table. Hosts gain access to our guides, allowing you to bite into the issues we face today.

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Explore the issues that are most important to you, our guides are packed with resources that can help you dive into the fight for racial justice.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The Inauguration and New Beginnings

A Picture Worth a Thousand Narratives

Jews and the Civil Rights Movement

Why Hunger is Not a Single-Issue Struggle

Racial and Food Justice

Is Social Media Disconnecting Us?

Election, Social Media, and Racial Justice

How Do You Understand Privilege?

Racial Justice and a Lesson on Privilege

How Do You Serve in Solidarity?

Resources for Volunteers

What Does Jewish Look Like?

Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Jewish Community

How Can Creativity Arise from Destruction?

Erasure Poetry and Inclusion

Additional Guides

Guide to Respectful Conversations


Glossary of Racial Justice Terms


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To address racial justice, we must address systems of racial injustice. We serve in solidarity with our neighbors to eliminate structural, institutional, and social barriers that limit opportunities based on a person's skin color. How will you serve?

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