Happy Monday and happy Sukkot! As the Jewish calendar’s harvest festival continues, here are some inspiring posts from around the web to keep you in the holiday spirit.

  • The Forward’s Editor in Chief, Jane Eisner, wrote a touching op-ed about homelessness and how Sukkot offers the distinct opportunity to tap into the needs of others.
  • The New York Times’ weekend edition included an essay by Michael Kimmelman about the role of public space in public protests throughout history.
  • GOOD published a great piece and video about an eco-friendly cleaning service founded and run by a collective of Mexican immigrants determined to create sustainable job opportunities in an uncertain economy.
  • The Huffington Post published an article about bone marrow donation, sparked by online entrepreneur Amit Gupta.
  • The Huffington Post also published a series of posts by actress Scarlet Johansson about her service trip with Oxfam in East Africa. (check out some of the incredible programs we help support)

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