Happy Monday, or should we say, happy day after the Super Bowl? Hopefully you enjoyed the afternoon of cheering, snacking, and commercial watching. To get you just as revved up for the rest of the week, here is your weekly round up of service-related posts from around the web.

  • The Huffington Post published a touching essay remembering Ayelet Galena – the inspiring two-year old who recently lost her fight with a rare bone marrow disorder, but touched the hearts of thousands and meanwhile inspired many more to get swabbed as bone marrow donors.
  • The Huffington Post also shared an interesting article that reported that 2011 charitable giving outpaced economic growth.
  • The Nation posted an op-ed by Amy Schiller about the past week’s biggest health care story (re: The Susan G. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood) and how it was ultimately good for the feminist movement.
  • The New York Times shared an unusual animal welfare story about the New York City residents who look out for the health of the city’s most controversial bird: the pigeon.
  • GOOD posted an article and video about Ellen DeGeneres’ financial gift towards a Pennsylvania school that cannot afford to pay its teachers (who, heroically, had pledged to work for free.)
  • To end things on a fun DIY note, GOOD also posted a how-to article for making homemade, recycled and adorable vases out of everything from twigs to used lightbulbs.