Happy Monday! Here, as always, are you inspiring service-related posts from around the web.

  • Join for Justice featured a video of David Schwartz, who was a VH1 “Do Something Awards” finalist for his project the Real Food Challenge.
  • Tablet Magazine, speaking of food ethics, published a popular article about a vegan restaurant in Brooklyn inspired by Jewish sage and physician, Maimonides.
  • Have Fun Do Good promoted this year’s National Day of Unplugging, which starts this Friday, March 23.
  • The Huffington Post published an article about hunger amongst elderly Americans.
  • eJewishPhilanthropy featured an exhibit that celebrates the “bat mitzvah’s coming of age” in America. Who knew when the first bat mitzvah was held in 1922 that bnai mitzvot would become such hotbeds of volunteering and tzedakah?