Happy Monday! What a beautiful, blissful weekend, eh? To get you amped for the rest of the week, here’s your weekly round up of inspiring service and social justice-related posts from around the web.

  • The Huffington Post shared a story about how old school busses are helping to fight hunger in rural Appalachia.
  • The NY Jewish Week published an op-ed by editor/publisher Gary Rosenblatt about the Alliance for Global Good – an organization Tel-Aviv that just released a proposal about tikkun olam in the 21st century.
  • The Forward writes about how some rabbis in Judaism’s conservative movement are adopting new frameworks for same-sex marriages.
  • Sustainablog puts your university to the eco-test by sharing a list of the country’s greenest colleges.
  • GOOD shared the inspiring story of how one homeless teen in Chicago became valedictorian of his high school and will attend Pomona College in the fall.
  • Hands-On Blog keeps the summer service cool and educational, by sharing ideas for volunteering at a local museum.