goods pledgeHappy National Volunteer Month! All April long, Repair the World will be sharing stories, fun opportunities and tips to help you give back  in all sorts of  ways. We’ll also highlight great causes to get involved with. Check out today’s feature , and tweet your service tips and stories to @repairtheworld #NationalVolunteerMonth.

Got 20 hours to spare? (Over the course of a year that is…). We have a feeling you do.

GOOD is challenging people to put those hours to productive use by taking the 1% pledge. This cool campaign asks that you spend 1 percent of your work hours this year “changing a small corner of your world for the better.”

Sounds good to us.

Think about it: 20 hours is just half of a standard work week; it’s less time than it takes to watch a season of your favorite television show. Heck, it’s fewer hours than there are in the day! If you dedicated those hours towards doing good, how might you change your community? Or the world?

Head on over to GOOD and take the 1% percent challenge. Chances are, you’ll feel pretty “good” that you did.