Yesterday was Nelson Mandela’s (the anti-apartheid activist, Nobel Peace Prize Winner and former President of South Africa) birthday. Communities across South African – and the world – celebrated by coming together for “Mandela Day,” an international day of public service. Events included peace building soccer tournaments and many community service projects. Mandela, now 92 years old, spent the day helping to plant a vegetable garden at an orphanage in Soweto.

In honor of this incredible day and inspiring person, here are some service-related posts from around the blogosphere and some opportunities for you to get involved. Read on!


  • (MADaboutART) In honor of Nelson Mandela Day, two Jewish artists raised more than $500 to support using the arts in HIV/AIDS education in South Africa.
  • (NY Jewish Week) The Bikkurim program, which serves as an incubator for innovative Jewish non-profits announced that it will support Yeshivat Maharat – the first Orthodox yeshiva to prepare women as community and spiritual leaders.
  • (Huffington Post) Melinda Gates writes about her trip to Mexico to learn about helping the country’s poor gain access to banks and other financial services. (Don’t miss the video!)
  • (Jerusalem Post) This article outlines how ROI is giving Jewish environmentalists the tools and support they need to make a real impact.


  • (Huffington Post) Watch an inspiring video that instructs viewers in how to save one of their community’s most precious resources: their library.
  • (WWO) Sign the pledge to spend the weekend of August 21-22 without using any oil or oil byproducts. As of now, almost 300 gallons of oil have been offset – help add to that total and find out the hidden places that oil shows up in everyday products.