Earlier this year, Repair the World wrote about President Obama’s call to service for college students serving together in an interfaith context. The President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge focuses on students working together – committing to a school year of interfaith cooperation and community service on campus.

Now, the approaching 10th anniversary of September 11, 2011 (coming up this Sunday) welcomes everybody – both college students and otherwise – to join together in service, across difference and across religions. Bigotry and intolerance were at the heart of the attacks at the World Trade Center, and persist today. On the 10th anniversary we have the special opportunity – as Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Baha’is, and people of all spiritual paths – to bring about healing, compassion and tolerance by working together.

The following is a list of opportunities and resources to help foster interfaith service, learning and charity in honor of the 10th anniversary. Check them out and feel free to leave additional opportunities in the comments.

Learn and Commemorate

  • The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education compiled a huge list of resources – both Jewish and otherwise – which you can use at a learning session or any gathering remembering 9/11.
  • Prepare New York is a coalition of New York-based interfaith organizations joining together to promote healing on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. They’ve collected a treasure trove of interfaith and faith-specific educational resources – check them out here.
  • The Interfaith Council for Justice and Peace wrote an interfaith prayer for commemorating September 11th, which you can download and adapt.


  • Join a 9/11 Walk – an initiative to get neighbors and strangers to walk together on 9/11 in celebration of common humanity and in defiance of fear, misunderstanding and hatred. Find a walk near you here.
  • New Yorkers can join 9/11 Ribbons of Hope, an interactive, community-created art project designed to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of September 11th.
  • Don’t live in New York? Join The Groundswell Movement and send a ribbon of hope and personal message, which will be incorporated into the art project above.


  • Donate to Faith House, an experiential community that fosters personal and collective interfaith service, learning, and understanding.
  • Donate to Faith in Place, an organization that promotes interfaith work to care for the environment, and strengthens bonds across religious difference.
  • Donate to The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, an Israel-based environmental studies program that prepares future Arab and Jewish leaders to cooperatively solve the region’s environmental challenges.
  • Donate to Coexist a charity which works to promote understanding and respect between Jews, Christians and Muslims.