Back in the day, neighbors knew each other – they borrowed cups of sugar, drove each other’s kids to school and ballet lessons, and dropped by unexpectedly for a cup of coffee and a chat. All that good stuff still happens today, but not as much as it might. In fact, today we are more likely to know what a virtual stranger is up to via Facebook, then know our own neighbors’ names.

Well, that’s about to change! On April 27, our friends at GOOD are putting on something spectacular – a day meant to bring neighbors closer together: Neighborday!

GOOD’s Neighborday was designed to reinvigorate our sense of neighborly-ness. Maybe we don’t need or want our neighbors to be our best friends – but the more people we all have in our “folks we can count on” category, the tighter and stronger our communities will ultimately be. As the people at GOOD put it, “Neighborday is about transcending the old story of self to create a new story of us. It’s about expanding our definition of self to include those who live above us, below us, and next to us. It’s a call to action of the most important kind: to let our neighbors in, and to build more self-reliant streets, blocks, and neighborhoods, together.

Luckily, getting started is easy, and unlike hosting a block party it does not require any permits (though if you’re feeling motivated, hosting a block party is an awesome way to celebrate Neighborday!). Just download these awesome neighbor introduction cards, fill them out and slip them under your neighbors’ doors. Or create a phone tree to connect your neighbors to one another in case of emergencies, or invite everyone (or just one or two people) over for a glass of lemonade.

Whether you live in a 20 story apartment or a one stoplight town, you can celebrate Neighborhday. Read GOOD’s inspiring Neighborday Manifesto, check out their nifty toolkit here, and get to know the people in your neighborhood!