Programs like AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, Teach for America, and Learn & Serve America help connect Americans with service opportunities around the country. These organizations literally build our country, inspire people young and old, and strengthen both our economy and our community bonds. And yet, American policymakers are considering proposals that might eliminate funding to these critical organizations – right at a time when we need it most.

So this summer, Save Service is rallying behind America’s most iconic service programs. According to the Save Service’s website, without federal support to these organizations:

  • 3 million children would be denied vital educational support
  • 620,000 seniors wouldn’t receive life sustaining, in-home services
  • thousands of veterans would be denied meaningful work opportunities and Veterans Association-supported services.
  • More than 745,000 medically underserved children and adults will not receive health outreach, education and immunizations from Community HealthCorps members
  • More than 1.5 million students will no longer be engaged in active learning and civic engagement opportunities
  • Thousands of healthy meals will not be delivered to the elderly every day.

Help fight back against these proposed cuts, which threaten to dismantle the spirit of service that makes our country special. Let your voice be heard: tell your congressperson that you support service by signing up for a Save Service District Day on August 10. Get all the information you need to participate here.