Building community is all about building connections.  Through our program, Repair the World Communities, we’re opening doors and diving deep in seven of the most vibrant and socially innovative cities in the U.S. –  Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Repair the World Communities is designed to contribute to (not compete with) the work of local organizations to expand their impact. With a dedicated Director for each city, a team of full time fellows and space to collaborate (The Workshop), we’re partnering with local organizations to recruit the volunteers needed to address each city’s most pressing issues. Whether it’s tackling education inequality in Baltimore or food justice in Philadelphia, each Workshop works to build a permanent network of volunteers that can give the sustained effort needed to see change through. This, in turn, gives volunteers a new perspective on their own cities by introducing them to new neighborhoods, individuals, and experiences. We aim to inspire more young Jews to volunteer effectively, which will not only make their cities stronger, but their connection to them as well.

For more information about the impact and engagement in Repair the World Communities, see our Year Four Evaluation here.