Why THESE Cities?

This was a big decision so we did our homework…on 80 potential cities.

Repair the World Communities is the product of years of in-house research about the volunteer habits of Jewish millennials. We gathered data and held intensive brainstorming sessions. We geeked out and built an algorithm, yes an algorithm, to test each city against an ideal model based on demographics, need, feasibility, & supporters. After extensive qualitative analysis – and more importantly, conversations with dozens of local leaders and partners, we chose our four launch cities.

So what are these cities’ special sauce? They are all vibrant, post-industrial centers of social innovation and Jewish life. They each bring unique factors to the table, but almost all have robust college and young adult populations, strong Jewish communities, moderate civic heath, yet also high rates of poverty.

We felt this mix of need and opportunity was a recipe for some amazing social innovation. In fact, each city already has a lot of progress going on. That’s why we’re eager to support local community builders with the volunteers they need to scale their impact.