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Turn the Tables

How will you make this night different than all other nights? Explore your connection to racial justice and listen to others’ stories of the fight for liberation.

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Explore the issues that are most important to you, our guides are packed with resources that can help you dive into the fight for racial justice this Passover.

Mah Nishtanah Pyramid Cut Out

Passover Pyramid Cut Out

We asked four leaders in the Jewish racial justice world to respond to the question, “Why is this night different from all other nights?” Download and cut out our pyramid to display at your seder this Passover.

Racial Justice And The Four People

Using the “Four Children” traditional framework, in partnership with the Jewish Multiracial Network, we pose and answer questions about engaging with racial justice as individuals and as a multi-racial and multi-ethnic Jewish community.

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A Guide to Respectful Conversations


Glossary of Racial Justice Terms


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